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Be Ready To Be Zapped

Since the beginning of time, jokers are supposed to make us laugh and entertain us. However, Stephen King's 1986 novel IT, changed the ball game for us. And the adaptation of the book, in the film just takes it further. This child-eating clown is a nightmare that comes true.  




Set in Derry, Maine, IT is the story of Bill’s younger brother George, who is enjoying the paper boat’s sail through the accumulated water on the road on a grey rainy day. Just when he’s about to catch up with his paper boat, it falls down a sewage opening. That’s where he finds Pennywise - the dancing clown, who is charming as hell, yet gives off an uncomfortable vibe. 

No sooner than expected, the kid goes missing, as do a few other kids from the neighbourhood. After months of trying to find his younger brother, Bill and his friends have weird, scary and unexplainable experiences. Will, Bill manage to solve this puzzle and kill it once and for all forms the crux of the story.

Playing the role of the ‘clown’, Bill Skarsgård has done a fantastic job. His eerie smile and his awkward demeanour will definitely creep you out. The monster is sure to visit you in a nightmare once you watch the film, but it is worth the thrill! Remarkably directed by Andres Muschietti, the visuals in the film are going to blow your mind for sure. They are well executed and extremely disturbing. The edge-of-the seat thriller promises a bumpy ride and it’s sure a wild one! Never does the plot lose its intensity and in fact, it has its funny moments too. That’s certainly a new for a horror film, isn’t it?

The 7 kids - Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Chosen Jacobs and Sophia Lillis - have performed brilliantly. Each one them have put their best foot forward and deserve accolades for being so brave in the face of horror. Their strengths and weaknesses have been used appropriately in the film. 




A particular scene in the film with the bathroom covered in human blood is superbly directed. It will make you sick, but it is perhaps one of the best scenes from a Hollywood horror film.

The film also manages to convey a very important message about going beyond what you fear. To take the big leap… Honestly, we are all dealing with a clown in our lives. The clowns in our case are the fears that our insecurities thrive on. A line from the film - “We all float down here, you’ll float too”, explains individual fears and threats, and how we deal with them, perfectly well. If nothing else, the courage shown by these kids will definitely inspire you. 




IT is a film you definitely must watch. It is an eye-opener in every way. Check out the trailer below and book your tickets right now! 



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