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The Story And Cast Impress

The Logan brothers, Jimmy and Clyde always find himself to be the unlucky ones, until one day when they managed to become the lucky ones. The former lost his career as a footballer owing to a leg injury and the latter lost his arm to the Iraq War. They are mocked for being unlucky, until they hack a pretty decent plan to earn some quick bucks.

Logan Lucky is a film about a heist robbery that takes place during a Motor Speedway rally. Jimmy has been sacked from his job at the construction site for Charlotte Motor Speedway. His daughter, who stays with his ex-wife, is about to shift far away from him. That’s when he decides to turn his life around and enlists the help of his brother Clyde, who owns a bar. The brothers and their sister, (played by Riley Keough) team up with Joe Bang (played by Daniel Craig), and pull off this heist in spite of the latter being locked up in jail! The challenge here is that the money that is to be stolen is being transferred using the pneumatic tubes.


Channing Tatum is earnest in his role of a man who wants to be with his daughter as much as possible. Adam Driver, who plays Channing’s brother in the film, is hilarious. Most of the times, it is his poker face that will make you laugh.

The real deal of the film is Craig who will surprise you with his weird antics! Lodged up in jail for petty crimes, Daniel’s charm will have you howling with laughter. To be honest, you might not know what to expect of him after being ‘James Bond’, but this is the best thing to have happened to him.


The characters in the film are really fleshed out and everyone has performed them brilliantly. Right from the accent, to the physical attributes, everyone has been well taken care of. Brian Gleeson, Jack Quaid have done a decent job with the characters that they were given. Hilary Swank makes an interesting cameo. The jail scenes in the film are noteworthy and will surely leave you in splits.

There is a lot that you can enjoy in this film. Firstly, the unpredictability of the plot will confuse you, and then impress you. The film has a car racing rally, hot guys who’ve turned into thieves, a well-planned and managed robbery and hilarious antics by the three leads of the film.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh's who made the films, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen and Magic Mike, has done a splendid job. A gag in the film that is concerning to the Game Of Thrones TV Series is hilarious to watch!

This quirky comedy is a film you should catch up over this weekend. 

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