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There Are Many Others

Naming a film is a very important decision. Right from the beginning, the film will be called by that name, and the name will continue to linger on, for generations. Here are some names of the Bollywood films whose names are based on colours. Seriously, this is as interesting as it can get!


1. Black

This film was rightly titled Black! It signified the darkness of a blind person’s life. And it was brilliant film made to accustom us to the lives of the blind people.




2. Khakee

Very rightly titled, this film is story of the policemen who wear khakee uniform and serve their country.




3. That Girl In Yellow Boots

The leading lady in question always wears yellow boots and the film is her story of finding her father. The end, where she hangs her boots, signifying the end of her search and this is the crux of the name.




4. Blue

The film talked about a treasure hunt aboard an abandoned ship and was rightly titled Blue, indicating the ocean.




5. Black Friday

The fact that this film is based on the 1993 bomb blasts that shook Mumbai, conventionally defining the concept of black in the film!




6. Gulal

Gulal ultimately resembles every emotion with the colour red! Blood, passion, fury and malice…




7. Pink

Pink colour is often denoted for females and what better name to give than this.  Therefore, aptly named Pink, the film talks about a woman’s consent like no other film has ever.  




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