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It’s A Must Watch

Based on the comic book ‘Valérian and Laureline’, written by Pierre Christin and illustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets starts on a dreamy note. Valerian and Laureline are government agents working on secret missions in space. One of their missions involves getting rid of the “dark forces” on Alpha – a space station where different species of living creatures live peacefully and share and exchange information. Whether this A team will be able to save Alpha, or not, is what the story is all about.




The movie starts on a fantastic note where we are made to meet with all kinds of alien species that live in the universe. It is possibly one of its kinds and you will be utterly delighted with all that’s happening right in front of you… The cinematography is simply mind blowing.




Directed by Luc Besson, the film impresses with its gumption of being the most epic sci-fi film. The story could have been a bit shorter; however, the visual effects make up for the loss. It’s more than what anyone could have possibly imagined. The film will take you into a world of unknown and you will relish every moment of it. The action sequences too will leave you stunned.


Cara Delevingne performed well as the side-kick to Valerian, aka Dane DeHaan, while the latter performs his stunts brilliantly. Their camaraderie in the film is kinda cute! smiley


Rihanna worked very hard to fit in to her character and is possibly one of the most impressive shape-shifter we have seen in a long, long time. Though her appearance in the film isn’t for a very long period, her cameo has certainly added the much needed punch to the film.




The film has its quirks as well… Things that you may not expect, like faceless robots, weird underwater creatures or humour at the most unexpected serious moments! That definitely works well for the film.


Nonetheless, it is a must watch for all the sci-fi geeks out there, as you are going to witness something marvellous for sure. It’s rather safe to say that this movie will stay with us for long… 

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