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Take Control Of Your Life

Let’s just agree to disagree that we hate being an adult. Being a child was so easy! We didn’t have to know it all, and we didn’t have to do any of it. We just rolled around in shorts and had relentless fun!

But life isn’t always going to be the same. Being a 20 something is a huge deal now a days, and there are certain things in life that we need to get done before we touch the big 30! Check out what all you need to do before you officially become old! cheeky


1. Should have taken a solo trip.

The concept of having a solo trip is very fancy. But to be honest, that is not all what a solo trip is all about! A solo trip is to figure out whether you are responsible enough in life or not. It is to grow up as a person… It is about achieving peace and harmony within self.




2. Ready to make a commitment.

No one is asking you to get married for the sake of commitment. But the fact remains that you need to commit to something. Be it in your relationship, your career, making a terrific body or even towards looking after your pet dog, commitment is a part of growing up that we cannot ignore.




3. Should have learnt to love oneself.

The truth is, no one is perfect. Even if you think you are pious, you may have done, or may do something that isn’t that you thought you would do. It’s very important to forgive oneself and move on, and start loving yourself. This is the most important lesson that anyone can teach you.




4. Should have made friends that are ready to die for you.

Agar yeh emotion nahi hai tumhari friendship mein toh kya khak friendship hai tumhari! cheeky But seriously, you should have friends who would always back you up in your hard times. Real friendships are what get you going in life… smiley




5. Should have tried overcoming your fears.

Be it swimming, or diving, or gliding in the air, you should have tried something that you fear. Overcoming these irrational fears will surely help you overcome your real and internal fears in life, which are so much scarier than these.




6. Get a hobby!

You need to make sure you have a hobby. In this monotonous life, you need to have a hobby because what else is there in life otherwise – work, work and work only? Make sure you develop a hobby and learn something new, every time you get a chance.




7. Learn how to cook…

Learn how to cook, not for anyone else but for yourself. Try new recipes and constantly challenge yourself.




8. Manage to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones…

Our lives are such that no matter how much we try not to think, we end up thinking negative. By the late 20s you should have the power to turn the negative into positive. Meditate, be happy and stop thinking of scenarios that aren’t in your control… They aren’t going to happen the way you imagine them to be. That is the key to being positive.




9. Sever ties with people you don’t need in your life.

The most important person in your life is you. If you don’t need some people in your life, just let them be away from you.




10. And the best of all learn how to be thankful and cool.

Right from taking a joke on yourself, to being thankful for what you have in life, you need to know what you want to do in life. J Even if you can’t take a joke on yourself, definitely be thankful…



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