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Which One Are You?

Having a friend is like breathing. If we don’t have friends in our lives, who the hell do we really have in our lives, whom we can count on? We have all different kinds of friends. They are all our real friends, but they serve different kinds of purposes in our lives. Take a look at what kind of idiots we have out there who make our life super awesome! :D


1.The Stalker

Okay so it’s not necessary that stalkers can be unknown people. Your own friends stalk you sometimes too! :P I know for a fact that, this is the very reason that Facebook is very popular among people. J




2.The Talker

This kind of friend just wants to talk and talk. Their endless conversations are something that you love and you hate as well. Sometimes they entertain you, and sometimes they are a pain in your ass. But they are your friend’s after all! smiley




3.The Overly Dramatic One

They are so dramatic, that you feel your life is a movie and that they are the overly expressive actors whom you have to deal with. Haha, but they do make your life interesting. :D




4.The One Who Is Always Right

They are the most annoying kind of friends because they know that they are right, and they shove it up your face when you are wrong! But to be honest, they only look out for you…




5.The Gossiper

This kind of friend is a great listener and gets every kind of information out from you, without you knowing that you are giving away your secrets.




6.The Grammar Nazi

Some people just get the highs from putting others down. For that very reason, some people love to correct you, every time you make mistakes. Especially, the grammar Nazis out there!




7.The Loyal One!

God! They are so loyal that they would rather hurt themselves that let you get a scratched! They are the keepers! J




8.The Self Obsessed Friend

This kind of friend is only concerned about themselves. They don’t really care what you are up to in your life, but will need you to fuss over their issues, with them! Selfish, I tell you…




9. The Social Being

You could swear you saw them at two places at once, because they are that social! They have been everywhere, with everyone and have tried almost everyone!




10.The Crazy Ones

And last but not the least, the crazy friend, who would do anything that it is to make your world happier, even dress up like a douche bag! :P

They would put you in trouble, but they will make your life worth living.



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