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Mummy, Mummy, Aur Ek Rupaya Do Naa…

In India, most of the parents don’t give pocket money to their children—they have to earn it. Literally!

Here are a few ways through which most of us have had made pocket money in childhood:


1. It’s my birthday and I need some money

From distant uncles to neighborhood aunties, we made everyone know that it was our birthday. Bonus, we not only got their money but blessings too! (10 rupees x 10 people = more money)




2. Bless the blessings

And when times were tough, we touched elder’s feet only to get more money. Even when we secretly hated them! (Blessings = Easy money)




3. Oh My Brother 

Raksha Bandhan was one day when sisters were exceptionally good to their brothers. And why not? It was the only day they could nudge their brothers to shell out money. (Brother + Love = Money)




4. More Coins Please

We coaxed mom to give all the extra coins that she had in her purse. Coin after coin, we made a pile. (1 rupee today = many 1 rupees tomorrow) :D




5. More festivals, more money

Festivals means money and India has more festivals than stars on a starry sky. The feeling of being Indian made us smile coz we got gifts which were equivalent to money.
(Festivals = Food + Fun + Money)




6. Money, show me the money

No matter how lazy we were, we did odd household chores only to make a few extra bucks. From going to the grocery store to cleaning grandpa’s fake teeth, we did it all.




7. Path of fortune / Luck on road

And there were times, lady luck dropped coins on road only for us to find them later. Umm, well it could be some old aunty too.



8. Doing friends homework

Life was good as long as you studied hard and had lazy friends around. Homework outsourcing was something that interested us deeply. (Studying Hard = Earning Money)




9. I see money

No matter where your brother hid his wallet. You found it and stole money out of it. (Stealing others money = making your own money)




10. Old is gold

Anything old was money for us. From selling newspaper to selling elder brother’s long lost watch, we sold everything for a few extra bucks. (Sell old = earn more)




And now that we work, we don’t think… but just spend our money!! Irony in its truest form… laugh


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