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Prettier Than The Stars Themselves!

What could be much cooler than having a doll that just looks like your favorite celebrity? And that too in a Barbie avatar!

Here are some really cool, pretty Barbie doppelgangers of our celebs that exactly look like them.

You so wish you had them!


1.  Though the couple are not together, This Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattison Twilight inspired Barbie dolls look damn cute.



2.  You so wish you had Marilyn Monroe Barbie in her iconic pose.



3.  This Audrey Hepburn doll is suave and sexy as her Breakfast At Tiffiny’s getup.



4.  All the single ladies! Aren’t you already in love with this Beyoncé doll?



5.  This Maleficent inspired doll of Angelina Jolie looks so real and ferocious, you might want to handle this one carefully.


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