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Thank God For That

If you thought mass murders and psychopaths are the scariest and merciless depictions of life cinema has given us, think again. If you rethink, then you will realize that viruses are some of the most evil and gruesome villains in the history of films.

Here are 5 virus based films that are penetratingly creepy, sharply intelligent and sometimes moody.


1.  28 Days Later

This film is directed by Oscar Winning director Danny Boyle, with one of his favorite leads, Cillian Murphy. The film follows Cillian as he tries to save himself from a deadly virus that is spread across United Kingdom turning humans into bloodthirsty creatures.




2.  The Bay

A Maryland town is slowly scoffed by a deadly breed of parasites that have mutated after being inundated with chemical pollutants during the USA Independence Day celebrations.




3.  Carriers

In this movie, we get a fairly realistic glimpse of how a contagious virus can probably spread across humanity, if it ever does. The film doesn’t miss on any opportunity to let its deadly pandemic be scary AF.




4.  Cabin Fever

A group of college graduates rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus. Creepy, right?  




5.  Splinter

This film is the perfect example of how some inventiveness and a decent sense of ingenuity can accomplish wonderfully horrible things. The film sheds light on a deadly splinter virus that turns its victims into fatal hosts.



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