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Sometimes It’s Good To Be Bad

Okay, let’s be honest. No matter, how good you may be, there will always be this one person in office who will always be mean to you. There may be nothing personal, but he/she may not just like you at all. In such a case, it’s better to mind our own business, but this seldom happens because the other person is already planning to make your office hours hell.

In such scenario, it’s completely okay to become the bad guy and give back to that colleague, without hurting their sentiments. Let me tell you how.


1. Eat their lunch.




Okay, to be honest, this might seem like a harmless one. But imagine, the other person is hungry and is looking forward to eat their yummy tiffin. The fact that you ate and they can’t complain about it will make them boil inside, but they can’t do anything about it.


2. Constantly distract them so that they can’t do their work.




Try this at your own risk. Show them cute videos, like the ones that will make them want more. Show them young kittens playing with a ball, DIY fancy lights and all the absurd things that will make them slog in office for extra hours later. You win, because their life has become as miserable as yours now!


3. Gift them totally absurd things on their birthday only to see that miserable look on their face.




Nothing irritates one more than receiving a gift on their birthday that they don’t like. Get them a fancy stress ball, a unicorn mug with a broken horn, glow in the dark t-shirt with weird slogans… anything that is acceptable as a gift but is silly at the same time.


4. Ask them for ridiculous favours in the politest way, so that they can’t refuse.




Nothing is more irritating than someone making you do a task that you don’t want to do. So feel free and ask that mean colleague in the nicest way to do your job. Please can you wash my cup or asking them to help you out on a weekend project – is the safest task you can give them.


5. Put an automatic fart machine




Okay, now I would personally recommend you to do this only if the person is really mean to you. Put a fart machine below their chair and keep the remote with you. Now you know what needs to be done.

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