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FYI, It’s Directed By Ben Affleck!

Gangster movies are always fun to watch. And if you are really not into this kind of genre of films, you are missing ‘BIG TIME’ on quality cinema that has been produced with excellence over the years in Hollywood. Be it old school films like The Godfather, Goodfellas or some from the recent lot including Pulp Fiction and American Gangster, the blood-thumping action and intense drama always keeps you hooked onto your seats, thus making gangster films as one our most favorite genre to watch.

And Warner Brothers are back with what looks like another promising gangster film. Directed by two time Oscar winner Ben Affleck, who also stars in the film, Live By Night, is a gangster film set in the Prohibition Era. The film sheds light on a Florida bootlegger who turns into a gangster.

Here are 5 reasons why feel Live By Night looks like a promising classic gangster film.


1.  Because it lives by the classic gangster lingo, “All powerful men don’t have to be cruel”.



2.  Because it has some eye-shutting real style gangster assassinations.



3.  The film is set in the Prohibition Era, thus giving the costume department a chance to stich some classy suits for almost everyone. The designing definitely takes us back to the bygone era where Italian-American Mafia was in full swing.



4.  Joe Coughlin, played by Ben is less of a gangster and more of a person who does wrong to those who try to cause hinders in his bootlegging business. This concept has existed in the gangster families for decades as they only punish those who threaten their neighborhood or their business.



5.  Organized crime was evolving in 1920s-30s America, thus letting this film have a more open take on showing the audience how crime evolved back in the day.



Don’t all these facets make Live By Night sound like a promising classic gangster saga?

The film is all set to release on 13th January, 2017. Watch the trailer now.


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