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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo!

All of us have had our share of love stories. Some of us have a lot of things in common, while some stories just really shake our belief in love. Nonetheless, we cannot stop ourselves from falling in love or lust at least! cheeky

Here are 5 songs that will explain your relationship entirely.


1. When you are totally love struck and your crush is all you can think about. All you think about is asking them out!



2. And when she accepts your proposal, you really don’t know what to do… After all, in the beginning of any relationship, it’s all about the love. cheeky



3. Now that both of you have accepted your love for each other, you are more comfortable with each other. If you know what I mean! wink



4. After 6 months of relationship, you realise what you got yourself into…



5. When you are tired of the on­going fights and the whole relationship seems like a mess, you decide to break up… Hai ki nahi?



Tell us your love story in songs, in the comments section below. 

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