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Dare To Lock Horns With Them?

What can be more eye pleasing than watching your favorite Hollywood actress take the lead of a film and kick some serious ass like a pro? Honestly, watching our favorite Hollywood actresses doing stunts and gunfights sounds more sexy than having them as side actors just flashing bare bodies.

And here are our 6 favorite Hollywood action films starring female lead protagonists that broke the gender inequality in cinema.


1.  The Hunger Games Series

One of the most empowering roles we’ve come across in the recent past is definitely that of Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence in this action-packed franchise.




2.  Salt

Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who goes on the run after being accused of being a Russian spy. The only way of returning to normal life is by gathering enough evidence to prove her innocence. Will Evelyn succeed in accomplishing her mission?




3.  Sicario

The film marks Emily Blunt’s second consecutive action film after Edge Of Tomorrow, in which she starred alongside Tom Cruise. Here, she plays an FBI agent who is entitled on a deadly mission to exterminate a Mexican drug cartel that killed several members of her team.




4.  Spy

Starring Melissa McCarthy, this film definitely turned out to be one of the most memorable spinoffs on the spy genre. When we talk about a spy, we usually think of hot men disguised in different avatars, stealing information and scoring chicks in the process. But this one is exactly opposite of all your possible imaginations, and trust us, it surpasses in a positive way.




5.  The Heat

Melissa and Sandra Bullock play two cops who are assigned to crack a case involving a drug lord. Unable to come to terms with each other first, they somehow manage to form a strong bond and show what female power is all about.




6.  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Alice, the zombie slayer has been fighting for humanity’s existence for over a decade now and she came back to end the zombie plague once and for all in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. She kicked some serious zombie butt in the film.  




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