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The Youth Can Kick Ass At Politics Too!

Bollywood has produced several inspiring movies for the youth—typically dealing with college politics—in the last decade or so, but not many of them have got much mainstream attention.

Here are some great watches if you want to feel inspired!


1. Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003)

A complex tale of three young characters set against the Emergency that India went through in the 1970s, this film is a must-watch.





    2. Haasil (2003)

    This movie weaves romance and college politics to deliver a gripping drama.





      3. Yuva (2004)

      It’s a tale of three completely different men, and how their lives overlap, following a murder.





        4. Dil Dosti Etc. (2007)

        A realistic story that shows how three college students fight for college elections and the means they use along the way.





          5. Gulaal (2009)

          This movie shows the struggle of college students in Rajpur against humiliation, their quest to reclaim their dignity, and the attempt to win college elections.




          6. Aarakshan (2011)

          Touching upon the sensitive and much-discussed topic of reservations in colleges, this film shows both sides of the story and how students are affected by this.





          And talking about politics, not to forget the upcoming movie PM Narendra Modi starring Vivek Oberoi as the nations Prime Minister. The film showcases Modi's remarkable courage, patience, wisdom and dedication to his people, his acumen as a policial strategist and his leadership that inspired a thousand social changes in Gujrat and later India. Check out the trailer below in case you missed it and catch it in cinemas on 5th April.



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