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Humor has no boundaries and it finds its way almost everywhere and in every possible situation. Take for instance Twitter. Over the past few years, the micro-blogging site has become one of the biggest social media medium where people convey their feelings in 140 characters. And many of them manage to do it in a funny way.

You will be surprised and jolted to find out that some of the funniest tweets out there are by some of our favorite Hollywood celebs.

Let’s find out who they are and what they have to say.


       Anna Kendrick’s views on working with Tom Cruise are obnoxiously funny.



 And when she finally realized this.



Jimmy Fallon has some kind words for America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell



Ellen surely knows how to keep a secret, in her own way.



Aziz’s tweet on chickenpox is just epic and funny.



Rainn Wilson’s obsession with vagina can be clearly seen his tweets. #weirdcelebobsessions



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