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You Make Your Own Destiny, Not Others

So many times in life, even though a woman is independent, she depends on the society to make decisions for her. We all ladies have been in that situation where we are confused between what we want to do, and what we have to do. And we end up doubting ourselves…But our Bollywood actresses have taken the step forward and helped all of us believe in ourselves. They have been an inspiration. We tell you how.



1. For when the haters tell you that women cannot do this or that!  



2. For when people ask you to choose between your career and personal life!



3. For when the societal norms force people to talk ill about you…Don’t lose faith in yourself.



4. For when people question your physical appearances even though your appearance doesn’t hurt them a bit!



5. For when you forget to put yourself first, and let everyone else be above you.



6. For when you think you need someone’s approval for doing things the way you do. Make your own destiny ladies!


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