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He’s Quite A Sensation

An exceptional actor, an extraordinarily gifted singer and a Good Samaritan, these are things which we already know about the very talented Ali Zafar. Being a Pakistani actor who is celebrated in Bollywood itself is a huge honour. But, there are so many other things that we still don’t know about the actor. Read on to know more about him.


1. Did you know that Ali can paint really well? Did you also know that painted his first comic at the age of 8? In fact, he started his career as an artist, before becoming an actor. This post on Instagram is a painting of his mom. He titled it “Painted Mom from an old picture of hers. Beauty with brains. Now a post doc scholar.”




2. Just like many of us, Ali is self-obsessed too. He loves to flaunt his possessions and even gave us a view of his new bike.



3. He is the 4th Pakistani artist to have his music video featured in a Hollywood film. The music video of the song Dekha, is one of the most expensive ones shot in Pakistan and was used in the film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.




4. Ali has been declared as the second sexiest Asian man and he’s given strict competition to Hrithik Roshan and gone past him as well. Can you believe that?




5. Ali’s wife, Ayesha Fazli is a distant relative of Aamir Khan. Ali met Ayesha when he was working at a hotel as a scratch artist. She had come there to get her portrait made.




6. In fact, what’s even more surprising is the fact that Ali and his wife Ayesha were kidnapped once after they went for a Saturday Night dinner. They were only released when their families paid the ransom money. And the identity of the kidnappers is still unknown.



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