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A Movie Speaks A Thousand Words

Movies is the only medium that makes the audience surrender their minds to the story being told. Yes, even before one can realize, we get riveted into the story until the movie ends.

Interestingly, there is always something to take home from movies, no matter which film you pick.

Here are 7 messages that we may take home from movies that released last week:


1. Stand by your friends

Always stand by a friend, especially in the darkest hours.




2. Value different perspectives

There may be multiple ways of doing the same thing. You mustn’t ignore any—consider them all equally.




3. Let your work do the talking                                                                    

The world may try to tamper your reputation. Do not pay heed to them; instead, let your work prove them wrong.




4. True friends are rare

Nothing is more precious than true friends—cherish them.




5. Go with your gut

There are times when you can’t figure out what’s right and wrong. Go with your gut, you’ll never fail.




6. Love is sacrifice

Sometimes, you must let go the people you truly love.




7. Never think you know it all

Life can be mean. So never say that you know it all. Be humble in accepting what life unfolds.



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