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A Movie Speaks A Thousand Words

Movies is the only medium that makes the audience surrender their minds to the story being told. Yes, even before one can realize, we get riveted into the story until the movie ends.

Interestingly, there is always something to take home from movies, no matter which film you pick.

Here are 7 messages that we may take home from movies that released last week:


Trust no one

You cannot trust anyone, for even your close ones may be offenders. 



Be patient

Be patient with people—especially with kids. You never know they may be going through hell and all they need is someone to listen out.




Hope is a good thing

Never lose hope. It is the only thing that can pull you out of trouble.



Keep smiling and don’t worry

No matter how tough life may seem to be, never quit smiling. A smile can get you through the darkest hours.




Stand by your friends

Always stand by your friends in their thick and thin. That’s what true friendship is!




Face the monsters

You can’t escape unless you face your monsters. Half the battle is won, when you learn to face them.




Walk alone

You got to learn to walk alone, for you close ones may not always be by your side.





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