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A Movie Speaks A Thousand Words

Movies is the only medium that makes the audience surrender their minds to the story being told. Yes, even before one can realize, we get riveted into the story until the movie ends.

Interestingly, there is always something to take home from movies, no matter which film you pick.

Here are 7 messages that we may take home from movies that released last week:

1. Find your purpose

It is important to find a purpose in life. Purposeless leads you nowhere.




2. Sacrifices, they are needed

Whatever path you choose, you will have to make sacrifices for your ultimate goal. Be bold to make those sacrifices for a higher purpose.




3. Success is nothing without your loved ones

No matter how successful you become, you are nothing without your loved ones. So, start spending time with them as much as you can.




4. Be brave

Personal tragedies cannot be avoided. However, brooding over the loss can be.




5. Fight for your right

There are times when you have to fight for your rights. You must fight till the end.




6. Take precaution

Think twice before trusting anyone, for it is better to be safe than sorry.




7. Love can destroy you

Be prepared, for love can destroy you.



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