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A Movie Speaks A Thousand Words

Movies is the only medium that makes the audience surrender their minds to the story being told. Yes, even before one can realize, we get riveted into the story until the movie ends.

Interestingly, there is always something to take home from movies, no matter which film you pick.

Here are 7 messages that we may take home from movies that released last week:


1. Hold on to a good mentor

A good mentor will push you to your limits but that’s what will make you shine. Never lose such a mentor.



2. Steer clear of distractions

If you want to achieve your goal faster, stay away from distractions.



3. Be resigned to your mentor

No matter how pushy your mentor may be, stick to him, for you will realize the value in the long run.



4. Men and women are equal

There’s nothing that women can’t do.



5. Surprise your competitor

Surprise can create more damage than you can ever imagine. Never shy away from surprising your enemy.



6. Winners never quit

No matter how many times you are slammed on the floor, get up and keep moving.



7. Trust your loved ones

They may be tough with you but you can trust them blindly, for they only wish for your betterment.



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