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A Movie Speaks A Thousand Words

Movies is the only medium that makes the audience surrender their minds to the story being told. Yes, even before one can realize, we get riveted into the story until the movie ends.

Interestingly, there is always something to take home from movies, no matter which film you pick.

Here are 7 messages that we may take home from movies that released last week:


1. Live life

The fast-paced life has reduced us to nothing but robots. It’s about time to live the moments that make life.




2. Technology is for our use

Although technology has brought forth development, it has made us its slaves too. We must break out of it before it’s too late.




3. Addiction is bad

Addiction of anything is bad.



4. Tame the inner monster

Instead of terming the world as a monstrous place to be in, we must try to tame the monster that dwells in us.




5. Never lose true love

Being ambitious is good but not at the expense of true love.




6. Believe in yourself

You can move mountains if you believe in yourself.




7. Walk the extra mile for a loved one

Try pleasing others even at the cost of your own comforts, for real happiness lies in making others happy.



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