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Because It’s The Weekend Calling

Okay so today is Friday and we want to leave early from work, on this day, more than any other day… The weekend is about to begin and we just want it to start early, right? cheeky However, you have to fulfil your duties, before you leave or else you will get fired, verbally and realistically as well. Haha. So, what can you do to leave early in such circumstances? Here are a few reasons you can give to leave an hour or two earlier than you were supposed to. (Well, make sure you complete your work, though.)


1. “My house is on fire.”

Just make sure to be in a panicky mode because anyone whose house is on fire would not be calm. cheeky




2. “My mom is locked outside the house and my cat is all alone.”

It’s safe to say that people may actually believe this to be true, because it happens in real life, almost with everyone. cheeky




3.“My boyfriend has been in an accident and I am his emergency contact.”

Who in God’s name will be inhuman to such an extent that they would stop you when you say this?




4. “My dog is unwell and I need to take him to the vet.”





5.“My doctor just called, my reports have come and he asked me to meet him urgently.”

They will be so concerned about your health that they will not even check to see what time of the day it is. A few people might even offer to drop you to the doctor. Maybe even they want to leave office early. cheeky




6.“I have a terrible toothache, and I think I am going to faint.”

Fake pain is the best pain, truly. cheeky




7. And last but not the least… “I am not feeling well, looks like I have got fever.”

This is the most classic example that no one can debate on.




And if nothing else works, fake a mental breakdown and your employers will themselves send you on your way home. wink




Tell us what worked for you in the comments section below. 

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