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Read On To Discover The Secret To Their Fitness….

In the industry of showbiz, glitz and glamour, the unsaid rule is to look your best. Which is why Bollywood celebrities invest a major chunk of their time, energy and money in working towards overall fitness and physical appeal. From rigorous workouts and routine exercises to carefully worked out diet plans and intense weight management regime, they leave no stone unturned in the realizing their goals of ultimate fitness.

If you’re someone who’s looking hopefully at 2016 to be the year of new beginnings, wanting to work towards attaining a good shape, you could draw some pretty good inspiration from some of Bollywood’s fittest celebrities of all times. Their sturdy, robust bodies could well motivate you for the same. Find out how they manage to always stay fit as a fiddle.

1. Salman Khan




Fitness Mantra: he follows old body building style wherein the main focus is on regular pull ups, crunches, chin ups, squats, and dead lifts and sit ups for overall fitness

Personal Favorite Workout: comprises of regular cycling for effective cardio vascular strength

Recommends: a combination of proper diet and rigorous exercise to get into shape


2. Parineeti Chopra




Fitness Mantra: she does a moderate amount of diverse fitness exercises such as yoga, treadmill, jogging and cardio vascular training on a regular basis

Personal Favorite Workout: she loves indulging in complementary physical exercises such as dancing, swimming and meditation for burning the extra calories

Recommends: cutting back on the junk foods and embracing healthy dietary habits of nutrient dense and low fat stuff in daily meal


3. Hrithik Roshan




Fitness Mantra: is following individualistic exercises for different parts of the body and lots of international workout patterns under the guidance of his trainer

Personal Favorite Workout: incorporates cross fit and weight training in his regime

Recommends: adding eggs, protein, fibrous carbs such as broccoli, sprouts and spinach to diet


4. Deepika Padukone




Fitness Mantra: a balanced combination of regular gym exercises, yoga and healthy diet

Personal Favorite Workout: pilates and free hand weights, stretching, walks and dance

Recommends: a balanced diet rich in protein, carbs and loads of fresh leafy salads


5. John Abraham




Fitness Mantra: Chest and triceps one day, Shoulder and biceps, Back/lat one day, then legs twice a week

Personal Favorite Workout: brisk walking and weight lifting

Recommends: a good amount of sleep and abstinence from junk food


6. Bipasha Basu




Fitness Mantra: practices different training routines in moderation- yoga, stretching, dance, cardio, spinning and circuit training

Personal Favorite Workout: surya namaskaras are her favorite, she apparently does a set of 100 everyday

Recommends: to keep your body well hydrated and load up on water and juices, fresh leafy vegetables


7. Karan Singh Grover




Fitness Mantra: 35% importance to workouts, 60% importance to diet, and 5% importance to other things

Personal Favorite Workout: he goes for a holistic approach to workout not just for an athletic body but also boost his energy and strengthen his mind

Recommends: regular meditation and protein high diet


8. Shilpa Shetty




Fitness Mantra: a balanced regime of regular yoga and pyanayam coupled with strength training and cardio twice a week

Personal Favorite Workout: she likes to meditate regularly for about 10-15 minutes to calm her nerves

Recommends: to eat right and consume fibrous foods such as dry fruits, etc.

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