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The Real Dark Knight Of Gotham Underworld

Christopher Nolan’s take on Gotham’s cape crusader is by far the best shot anyone has ever attempted with Batman. The beauty about Nolan’s Batman trilogy is that he didn’t make those movies to glorify Gotham’s crime fighting vigilante. Instead, he created 3 powerful and dynamic villains who actually played a crucial role in giving Batman life lessons that even his butler couldn’t (no offense, we love and adore Alfred’s teachings).


While much has been already said, spoken, argued and debated over Heath Ledger’s exceptional Joker performance, we are here to present you with some powerful quotes of Tom Hardy’s noteworthy performance as Bane. Bane is Batman’s toughest (literally) nemesis and has the power to bring down the entire Gotham city to its knees, something that even Joker couldn’t procure. Don’t even think that we are trying to have any comparisons here and the following quotes of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises suffice to why Nolan chose Bane to be the final villain in the trilogy who can give this Batman story its much deserving ending. 

1.  When he showed us how to deal with life.


2.  When he reminded us that evil will prevail forever.


3.  When he took a dig at Bruce Wayne.


4.  When he reminded us that without sorrow we won’t understand the importance of happiness.


5.  When he wanted to go fist to fist with the caped crusader without further ado.


6.When he gave us some serious life lessons.


7.  When he told the commoners who is the real reason for the world’s inequality and how he plans to fix it.


8.  When he stuck the reality right in Batman’s face.


What do you think of these quotes by Bane? Did they impact you in any way? Do write to us or let us know in the comments section.


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