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Which Is Your Favorite Raj Koothrappali Moment?




When Kunal Nayyar announced that season 10 of The Big Bang Theory might be his last, diehard TBBT fans were devastated by the news. After all, Raj Koothrappali is one of the most beloved characters on the show. But when it was recently revealed that Kunal has signed for season 11 and 12, the fans’ joy knew no bounds. This definitely calls for a Raj Koothrappali celebration.


So here are some of the best moments of Raj Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory!


1.  When he tried to put on an American accent.



2.  When he had a dream dance with his secret crush Bernadette.



3.  When it was season 6 and Raj still couldn’t talk to women when sober.



4.  When he literally starts dating Siri. What a free promotion for Apple!



5.  When he drunk talked for the very first time with Penny.



6.  When he went out on a date with the deaf-mute Emily. This was probably the most hilarious moment of all.



7.  When he joined the girl gang and bonded with Amy over loneliness. The episode had loads of ‘Aww…’ moments.



8.  When he locked horns with none other than Sheldon Cooper.



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