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These Magnificent Creatures

Let’s face it, women are kind of awesome! Whatever kind they are, their qualities leave everyone baffled! By definition, we are the strongest of all in this world, however we all have flaws, albeit of a different kind. In 21st century, women are the masters of their personal as well as professional life. However, there are certain kind of women who have to make the cut. You can either befriend them or stay away, choice is yours…But be aware of them for sure.


1. The Over Ambitious

This type of woman is the one who wants to prove to the world that she has what it takes to be the leader in this misogynistic world! She wants to reach the epitome of success and hence is overly ambitious about almost everything.




2. The Sweet Talker
This type of woman actually does no work, but gets everything done just by her powers of being the sweet talker. You better run the other way, if you spot her in your office.




3.The Nerdy Kind

She is the one who knows about everything before anyone else does and during a crisis, she is definitely the one you run towards! But don’t just use her for her extraordinary nerdy quality, respect her and applaud her too.




4.The Fashionable Kind

Her first priority is her fashion sense and nothing can shake that off. Ask her to get some work done, and she will make sure she fixes her priority before doing the actual work.




5. The Mysterious One

She’s the one who gets things done but you never know how! She’s got her way around the office and she’s kind of your super hero! (PS: Don’t piss her off because she has ways to make you repent it too.)




6. The Gossip Monger

Her favourite pastime in office is to keep a check on everyone. She surely knows who is dating whom, who is going for a job interview and when the boss is on leave. You surely need to be in her good books, because if you are lucky, she may share a few secrets with you too!




7. The Foodie

Ask her about any restaurant review and she will know it all. In fact, that’s not all, she will steal your tiffin too, even if you don’t offer her your food. Basically, she is the female Joey Tribbiani of your office… :P




8.The Don’t-Give-A-Fuck Kind

She’s lethal in her words and doesn’t care if you feel bad or you don’t. But she will make sure to let you know what she thinks about you, your work or your work ethics. Beware of this kind of female.



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