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I Love You. Dawg!

What is that one thing that instantly brings a smile on your face? A little living being on four legs wagging its tail! Most of us have a soft corner for the animal kingdom, especially our pets. And nothing is better than a movie that depicts exactly how you feel.

Here’s a list famous dog-themed movies that are a must watch for all you animal lovers out there!


1. Hachi – A dog’s tale

A heart rendering movie that shows us the deeper meaning of loyalty! Whoever said dogs are a man’s best friend got it bang on!




2. Marley and Me

However naughty dogs may be, even though they drain you out completely… you can’t help but give in when their puppy-dog eyes stare at you at the end of the day!



3. Eight Below

‘My hero is…the dogs who saved my daddy.’ This dialogue from the movie sums it all up. We all have those days when our dogs save the day!



4. 101 Dalmations

The more, the merrier! Ever seen your pet tilt its head in consternation? That’s probably because of the gibberish words that come flowing out of your mouth when you see a little kitten or pup. Imagine 101 of them!




5. Air Bud

A 12-year-old recovering from his father’s death moves to a small town, where he comes across and bonds with a stray golden retriever possessing exceptional basketball skills.



6. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

This incredible movie traces the incredible journey of three Californian pets who venture out in search of their owners, unaware that their owners are vacationing.



7. Turner & Hooch

Starring Tom Hanks, in this movie a local police detective adopts the dog of a murdered man who is the only lead in the case. Will the dog be able to help the detective to the murderer?



8. Bolt

In this humorous animated comedy, John Travolta and Miley Cyrus star in the lead characters. It follows the journey of a celebrity dog of a science fiction television show who believes he has super powers and ventures out to save his co-celebrity star who he believes is in danger.



9. Red Dog

This story proves that nothing can overcome the affection of a dog. A red dog in search for his master in the Australian outback ends up uniting an ignoramus incongruent local community.



Now we just can't end the article without showcasing one of the best dog and man duo... That's right, we're talking about John Wick. Back in the first part John's late wife had gifted him a puppy so that he wouldn't feel alone. But after a few days his house gets broken into by intruders who kill his dog and steal his car. Not knowing he is an ex-assassin known as Baba-Yaga (The Boogeyman), he sets out to kill the ones responsible for the injustice. Now that he's back in the game, Wick adopts a new dog who he gets attached to once again. Later on he kills a person on the Continental hotel grounds which is forbidden and a bounty of $14 Million is placed on his head. Wick must fight his way out as he becomes the target of the world's most ruthless killers. Catch the action packed movie along with his trusted 4 legged buddy in cinemas on 17th may. And incase you haven't checked out the trailer, here it is.


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