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That’s How The Desis Do It!

We Indians have naturally mastered the art of bargaining. Apart from knowing exactly which shop is on sale at the moment and where can we buy the same product for five rupee less, we also have understood effectively the pulse of the shopkeeper and know exactly what to say to him in order to bag the best discounts. As desis, we’re never quite satisfied with our purchases without having considerably lowered the prices. After careful field research over the years, we have cracked a few sure shot bargaining tricks that never fail to get us the best of things at the cheapest of rates and we leave the store a happy customer!

1.   Always appear confused when the shopkeeper tells you the price… As if you didn’t hear it properly the first time.

“Madamji 300 ka hai….”  “Kya, Kitna Kitna?”



2.   Tell him how well the owner of the shop knows you

“Acha? mere bhai ke dost ki behen ke student ke daddyji ke padosi ko jaante hain tumhare sethji”



3.  Higher the chances of getting a discount by posing as one of the firsts, most loyal customers

“Hum yahan tab se aate hain jabse tum paida bhi nahi hue the”



4. If he doesn’t already bring the price down considerably, show disinterest and don’t forget to mention how the guy next lane is selling the same thing for so much cheaper

“Bagal waali dukaan mein aapse adhe daam me mil raha hai”



5.  Negotiate like an absolute pro and quote at least less than half the price he’s selling it for and if he doesn’t budge, pretend to walk away as if you don’t care —it always works.

“150 se ek rupya zyaada  main nahi dunga, nahi dena hai toh rakho apne paas”



6.  When the shop owner calls back, act reluctant and unsure like you don’t need it at all

“Nahi chahiye yaar, itni bhi achhi nahi hai” *dies to put it on*



7. When he finally knocks off the desired bucks, add whatever else you wanted to buy and demand another 10-12% discount, “selling” him the bulk buying logic

“Arre bhaiya, chaar piece aur khareed rahein hain kuch toh discount do”



8. Tell him that a pleased customer is bound to return to the shop soon

“Iss baar price theek lagaoge toh agli baar aur samaan le jaungi… promise!”



9.  Always make sure the deal looks like a win-win (even if it’s really not)

“Bas, na aapka na mera, sau rupye theek hai” *winks to self on victory*



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