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And They Lived Happily Ever After?

Over the course of time, marriage has taken different turns in India. While many youngsters don’t believe in the institution of marriage these days, what we have learnt is that these youngsters like to seal the deal before the D-Day! It might not sound exceptionally romantic, but getting everything — and we mean everything — in writing before you tie the knot may save you heartache down the road. An agreement between two like-minded individuals that comes with an expiry date with mutually agreed clauses. Sounds quite convenient!

Everyone has varied reasons for getting into a contractual marriage. From not wanting to commit, to wanting to become a citizen of another country, people often use contractual marriage as a safe jugaad to fulfill their interests.

Do you have any idea what kind of clauses people put in a contractual marriage? Well, take a look…


1. The ‘Me’ time

Although your partner might be a nature lover or an adventure junkie, your ‘alone’ time with friends cannot be compromised. A trip once a year with close friends sans the spouse is something that features in most contracts! After all, Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.



2. Having the ‘(in) laws’ to abide by

Taking care of their spouse’s family is integral to some people, so much so that they include it as a clause in their contract marriage as well. After all, marriage is the union of families, right?



3. This clause has some ‘weight’

Some contracts even define how much you can weigh! Like, even if you gain a kilo, you will face some consequences. It could either lead to a penalty or dissolution of marriage! Funny, right? Well, that’s the deal buddy, no pain, no gain.



4. All roles and responsibilities will be equally divided

From cooking, cleaning to walking the dog to entertaining nosy relatives… all for one and one for all!



5. Life’s not an open book

Considering the nature of today’s generation, we wouldn’t be surprised if people add the clause, “cannot share passwords for phone, laptop and Facebook” to their contracts. As privacy is of utmost importance, this clause would most probably garner more interest soon.



6. Monies matter

Contractual marriage in India today has also become a way to affirm that girls can pursue their career even after their marriage. Way to go independent, don’t you think? In fact, some even prefer to keep their expenses separate!



7. Stray no more…

Some couples prefer to legally state in their contract that their respective spouse cannot stray from their marriage at any cost. And considering today’s environment, it is definitely a safe bet!



8. Pet ‘pet’ hota hai

Much like a real-life incident, people often add their pets to their clauses. Sometimes couples don’t even get married without knowing for sure that their pets would be accepted by their in-laws. Isn’t that fascinating? 



We found a couple – Meera and Abhishek, who are all set to enter into a contractual marriage in &TV’s upcoming show, Chupke Chupke.

Take a look at the teaser of Chupke Chupke and let us know your views on contractual marriage in the comments section below.


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