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Hats Off To Martin Scorsese




If there is one director who has been consistently making some films that hardly have any flaws and films that will shake the earth beneath you, it’s Martin Scorsese. What Scorsese has achieved with film directing is something only few can aspire of. He is definitely one of the last living directors out there who can actually churn out the best possible quality work from all his actors and associate crew members to deliver a film that will leave you no choice but to give a standing ovation. And his latest film about faith and belief, Silence is one epic drama that will not only test your inner faith and self-belief but will also wonder how human race can be so merciless and brutal. What makes Scorsese a class apart director is that he doesn’t make movies but art. And with Silence, he draws a painfully engaging picture that is so radical and real, you want to close your eyes just to tell yourself “it’s just a movie” (but it’s freaking not!).

Silence tells the story of two Christian missionaries, Father Rodrigues played by the young and alluring Andrew Garfield and Father Garupe played by paralegal turned actor Adam Driver, who face a vital test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor, Father Ferreira played by the experienced Liam Neeson, who has apparently publicly renounced Christianity and is now living as a Japanese. The film is set in 17th Century Japan during the time when Christianity was forbidden and whoever practiced it was persecuted, eventually leading to death.




To begin with, let’s just make it clear that Silence movie is not subjugated to a particular religion. So you needn’t have to be of a certain faith to enjoy the elements of this movie. In fact, this movie is not about any religion but about the strong faith and belief that an individual holds and it can only perish with that individual’s soul. The level of risk and danger the Japanese Christians go through in protecting Rodriguez and Garupe are noteworthy. Giving their own food and dancing with the death just so that these two missionaries can preach; to witness all this on the silver screen, the gratifying act is sheer pleasure. Silence is deeply spiritual at one level, but at the same time it hits you with ground reality and shows you what happens when you try to challenge others’ faith.


Andrew Garfield shuns all his critics by his mind blowing performance playing the Portuguese priest. His co-star Adam Driver delivers an equally compelling act of drama that feels and looks every bit real. Unfortunately, Liam Neeson once again finds a short lived role in a Scorsese film (he played a priest as well in Scorsese’s gangster saga Gangs Of New York), but his acting skills are too tested to its fullest here. The Japanese cast too deliver some powerful acts that will leave you stunned for a while. The shooting locations are picturesque and are one of the real reasons why this film looks larger than life.

Silence is not a movie but one of Martin Scorsese’s finest masterpieces that will always be remembered by the lovers of cinema.

Silence is running in theatres from today. You can checkout Silence trailer here –


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