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If you don’t have a Sindhi friend, you don’t have a Sindhi friend. And that’s actually sad because you’re really missing out on having some really awesome friends around. Not convinced? Well, here are some reasons why you need to befriend a Sindhi, like NOW!


1. You get to taste some delicious Sindhi food like kadhi-chawal, sai bhaji & daal pakwaan. Trust me, it’s finger licking good!



2. Your friend will teach you how to save money wherever possible and manage your budget. And if you be with him/her for a few months, you’ll be an expert yourself and not be broke like your other friends.



3. Your friend will be the hisaab guy or gal every time you go for a meal or on a holiday. In short, this means you can be stress free ‘coz your Sindhi friend will manage the budget and estimate the expenses while you chill like a bee!



4. They will make you learn some really insulting Sindhi gaalis which you can use on others. Kaaro mooh (black face), chariya (mad) are the most famous. 



5. You can rely on him/her if you want to borrow or buy some blingy clothes for a wedding or special occasion.  



6. And lastly, he/she can donate you hair (for any part of your body) if you’re in need. I’m not exaggerating, it’s true. cheeky


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