• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5qOzqD9Rms
The Beautiful Enchantress

We all know Adaa Khan as Shesha from the popular TV series Naagin. Though her Naagin avatar is strongly engraved in our memory, a quick look at her Instagram account makes us almost forget her Naagin avatar and embrace the mystic beauty that she projects.

Take a look at some of her pictures and you’ll know what I mean.


1. Dressed in milky white, she looks like a fairy in our daydreams.



2. However at the flip of a coin, she can also become a badass if she chooses to be.



3. She weaves stories in the clothes that she wears, joining pearls and ivory in a love mystery.



4. She’s not your regular baby doll. But, a bold one.



5. That’s her unleashing her flirty side.



6. She’s the kind of muse that can ignite the fire in an artist.



7. Doesn’t she look like Kashmir ki Kali in this one?



8. Last but not the least, she can also become your dream girl who can make you fly!



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