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‘Coz Its Ma Ka Pyaar.

Bollywood leaves no stone unturned to add that emotional factor in the movies. And what can be better than “Maa”–the source of all emotions? The directors certainly know how, when and where to play the mom card. In fact, they have been so good at nailing the mom sentiment that not only us—the audience—but even our mothers get emotional at times. This one's for all the mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day.

Here are some of those moments we are talking about:


1. The Herculean (Multitasking) tasks a mother does in the name of daily chores.



2. When Amma finally manages to get entire family together for Pooja. 



3. When the words: Maa, mein pass ho gaya or Maa, I got selected in the interview fall into a mom’s ears.



4. When a mom sends her kid away to a boarding school far away from home.



5. When her son comes back home after years.



6. When she scolds her son/daughter only to regret later.



7. When her little ones help her in the kitchen.



8. When her children grow up and teach her new things.



9. When a mother is mocked for her lack of English or computer skills.



10. When a mother has to choose between her husband and her children.



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