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No More Gym

We’ve often seen Bollywood actors flaunting their six packs and posting pictures of their gym workouts online. But guess what, even they get bored to go to gym every day like us. To escape the monotonous exercise routine, some celebs use other alternative exercises such as Pilates and Yoga that almost give the same results.

Here are a few celebs who substituted their mundane gym sessions with alternate methods.


1. Akshay Kumar — Parkour

Akshay loves practicing parkour (a workout that involves jumping, leaping and other free body movements) than hitting the gym. He says, “When you work out in a gym, each exercise only focuses on a certain body part. Parkour is a complete workout and it’s fun, and yes, I do prefer it over working out in a gym”.



2. Jacqueline Fernandez – Yoga and Dancing

Jacqueline doesn’t follow a rigid workout plan. Instead, she prefers to try new fitness programs. From swimming to dancing to ‘kapalbhati’, she incorporates all kinds of fitness exercises in her schedule. However, she’s a big fan of Yoga and loves doing perfect headstands. 



3. Deepika Padukone – Pilates

Being the daughter of a famous Badminton player, Deepika has been a fit and healthy being ever since her childhood days. Nowadays, to keep herself healthy Deepika uses Pilates as her main form of fitness routine.



4. Kareena Kapoor Khan – Yoga

Kareena feels that doing Surya Namaskar every day in the morning has helped her get that glowing skin and toned body. She practices Yoga for almost one and half hour every day. 



5. Salman Khan - Cycling

The actor who often inspires his fans to sport a six pack has been going easy on hitting the gym. He compensates the extra time by cycling outdoors. Apparently, he’s so addicted to cycling that he takes his cycle along to shooting spots as well.



6. Sonam Kapoor – Bikram Yoga

Sonam Kapoor borrowed her fitness regime from her dad. The secret behind her diva looks is Bikram Yoga. She practices it on a regular basis.



7. Nargis Fakhri – Sports

Nargis who has the looks to die for finds gym too boring for her fitness routine. She instead prefers to play volleyball, tennis and other sports to keep herself fit and glowing. 


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