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Take A Look!

Long before the emergence of new divas, Amrita Singh was the demigoddess who bewitched the star world with her oomph and glamour. Apart from being Bollywood’s sweetheart, she was every man’s dream girl. Though years have passed and new divas have come to reign Bollywood, we cannot forget the timeless beauty and sensuousness of Amrita Singh.

Take a look at some of her old pictures where she’s at her best.


With rolled up hair and glitter on her dress, she’s ready to set the dance floor ablaze.



She reminds me of the Disney princess Merida who is ready to take the whip and create her own history.  



Clad in a simple blue salwar kameez, she proves that sensuality comes from within and not with what you wear.



Hell yeah! She’s showing a middle finger to fashionistas by pulling off this rebellious outfit.



Woohoo! Way beyond time, Amrita wore a saree with a blazer. Doesn’t she look like a showstopper?



Keep calm and let the eyes talk it out. ‘Coz eyes know the language of the heart.



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