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Who Says ‘Jodis’ Are Made In Heaven, They Can Happen In The Gym Too!

Anita Hassanandani found her Prince Charming Rohit Reddy at the most unusual place – the gym! Can you believe it? Well, it was Prince Charming who first got smitten by the beautiful Anita. However, he didn’t know that she was a prominent Telugu actress and a popular Hindi TV personality, until he asked her out.  Though their beautiful journey started in the gym, their relationship blossomed to a wonderful marriage and they are a power couple now. 

That's a badass Anita and a charming Rohit dressed in Indian attire on the day of their wedding. 


What we like a lot about Anita and Rohit's relationship is their boundless love for each other and their couple goals. The couple never stops  experimenting or taking opportunitues to express their love. Take a look at the wonderful chemistry that they share which makes us want to dive into the pool of love with our bae. 

Now this is how Honeymoon is supposed to be - A fun, wild, adventure! 



Because sleep is incomplete without throwing oneself on bae. 



In the end, it's the small gifts that steal your heart. 



Who doesn't love a Bollywood kind of mushy love? Well, a little bit of PDA is always welcome.



'Coz your partner is your first child, right? 



Loads of fun and pranks is all what we need to keep things alive. Anita and Rohit surely know how to have fun. 



Because why exercise alone, when  bae is around. 




Because they believe that just like feeling love, it's important to express it in a million ways. 



 When they accepted that marriage is not as easy job, but that togetherness is what matters the most.



Because missing bae is a beautiful feeling too.  



Because nothing speaks loud than a tattoo with bae's initial on the wrist. 



 Now that’s a cute nickname right? Bee and beebee.



They have the cutest arguments. Take a look.



Guess what, looking at their chemistry her father-in-law has nicknamed the couple ‘Rohnita’. Now that’s something that we can expect only to happen in Anita and Rohit’s life.



And this gets added to our bucket list as well. 



Making such adorable Instagram videos.



Because in the end, everyone wants a happily-ever-after. And we are glad that Anita founde her Prince Charming.


  • anitahassanandaniOur love is not as perfect as in the fairytales , but all I know is that I've found my Prince Charming.


Last but not the least, they make sure to say something sweet about their partner.




In case you can’t get enough of this adorable couple, then here’s a bonus video.

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