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“A little bit of stalking never harmed anyone,” said a wise woman once. And that wise woman is me.Taking a cue from that, we explored the ordinary life of Bollywood celebs without them even knowing about it. Well, that’s not a crime at least when it comes to Bollywood. So yeah, this is what we got to know.


Sushmita Sen happened to spot a piano outside her gym and decided to play it. Might we add, she is totally rocking it!!


Akshay Kumar enjoyed a peaceful day at the Golden Temple. Truly blessed!


Harshvardhan Rane decided to go camping in the middle of the week. Perks of being a celebrity!


Hrithik Roshan had a great boys night out with his kids and his friend. Now that’s what you call a perfect way to have fun…


Vidya Balan gave us a sneak peek into the world of films. Never knew how the cameras captured the snow perfectly, well now take a look!


Salman Khan shared cute moments with his nephew Ahil Sharma whilst in London. Don’t you think the duo is totally adorable?




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