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The Best Books From All Across the World

Twinkle Khanna popularly known as Mrs. FunnyBones in the book world is not only a fabulous mother, actress, writer and a columnist, but also an avid book reader. She often recommends rich books that inspires the mind, nourishes the soul and makes one a wordsmith. Now who wouldn’t want to be a smart mouth who can whip people’s mind with insane comebacks? Well, we are sure that Twinkle surely knows how to do that.

So taking it from the horse’s mouth, here is a list of some brilliant books that Twinkle recommends her readers to read.


twinklerkhannaDear Scot, Dearest Zelda is a must only if you are as obsessed with Fitzgerald and Zelda as I am-On the other hand I'm currently shoplifting with Eileen and it is a splendid experience :)#sundayrecommendation



twinklerkhannaFor inexplicable reasons I find myself reading this wonderful book not quite in a linear manner - the psychology of a relationship wrapped within a love story #mustread #sundayrecommendation



twinklerkhannaSaturday recommendation - Hot Milk by Deborah Levy -shortlisted for the Booker. A deceptively simple story that deals with guilt, love and obligation - layers that go deeper and deeper till you are submerged in Levy's surreal world and stung by its myriad jellyfish. #bookwormheaven



twinklerkhannaThe last sunset of 2016 and will begin the new year with Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children#bookwormheaven #happynewyear



twinklerkhannaHave just begun and already hooked #thesellout #PaulBeatty



twinklerkhannaThe Music Room -splendid writing - Even a tone-deaf individual like me was enthralled with the majesty and mystery surrounding our ragas #TheMusicRoom#kesarbaikerkar #Voyager#namitadevidayal



twinklerkhannaRenaming cities, roads, women and even witches. #Hillary#lokkalyanmarg #MarriedNotBranded Link on Facebook page



twinklerkhannaTender is the night has been one of my favourite books but I just never got around to reading Fitzgerald's acknowledged masterpiece The Great Gatsby . Time to begin.. #bookworm #HaveEyesWillRead



twinklerkhannaJust begun When Breath Becomes Air - riveting! and trying to read The White Castle - my third attempt, I hope I succeed this time #bookwormproblems #booknerdigans



twinklerkhannaA beautifully written book -trying to read it slowly because I don't want it to end :) #williamdalrymple#cityofdjinns



twinklerkhannaAs fate would have it-connections across continents-Have read almost everything he has ever written #KenLiu



twinklerkhannaBeen immersed in her world the last few weeks - last ten pages and she's gone .. Harper Lee 'People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.'



twinklerkhannaThe title hooks you and reels you in till the very end #bookworm#thehundredyearoldmanwhoclimbedoutofthewindowanddisappeared



twinklerkhannaA double-edged Talwar-my piece on #Aarushi http://t.co/FsJfZztYw7 Please read the book and then decide if it's worthy - There is no gore or sensationalism but is in fact about thecourt trial where things go awry and asks the vital question if justice has really been served



twinklerkhannaThe best books on yoga that exist- been following it for the last 10 years



twinklerkhannaReading it -loving it #bookworm #dystopia #agoodread this_is_aarav:) i love ur every #instapic. :) bcz akshay kumar twinkle khanna my too fav. :)



So which of these is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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