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The Couple Separated 12 Years Back


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the A list Hollywood couple long before Brad and Angelina Jolie became the most famous couple.  Their relationship ended after Pitt started dating Angelina . According to reports, Brad  is presently looking at making all his wrongs with Aniston right by apologising to the actress. A source close to the same spoke about what happened to a leading portal, stating, “He’s been determined to apologise for everything he put her through, and that’s exactly what he did. It was the most intimate conversation Brad and Jen have ever had.

Speaking about how Jennifer reacted, adding,“Jen was overcome with emotion. All the hurt feelings and resentment she’d suppressed for years came flooding to the surface, and she broke down in tears. He apologised to Jen for being an absentee husband, for being stoned and bored much of the time. He also made amends for leaving her for Angelina.”

Aniston is presently married to Justin Theroux while Pitt's relation with his now partner Angelina is under tremendous turmoil. Word is that he is trying to make amends with her as well. 

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