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The Best In The Lot
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TBH, we can never compile facts on our favorite Hollywood actors in one go. After all, there are so many Hollywood actors and so many fascinating things that interest us. Therefore, we have divided the facts in parts. The one you are reading is part one of our fun facts series on Hollywood actors.


1. She was so good in her first film. Guess she is a born star!



2. Now that’s one hell of a life lesson – everyone goes through depression.



3. How did they manage to do this?



4. Ashton truly deserves the ‘Best Brother’ mug.



5. Now that’s one cool nickname that perfectly describes Jackie.



6. Now this shouldn’t be a fact, we hope many deserving Muslim actors like Ali bag an Oscar.



7. Now we know for sure that Hulk is not the favorite superhero of Ruffalo’s daughter.



8. Now that’s ironic.



9. Guess Cage made the right choice.



10. What all poor Batman has to go through.



11. We are happy with La La Land, and we are glad that Emma made the right choice here.



12. Only Cumberbatch can do this!



13. Isn’t this supercool? One more reason to love Emma Stone.



More facts coming up, stay tuned to this space. wink

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