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The Best In The Lot
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TBH, we can never compile facts on our favorite Hollywood actors in one go. After all, there are so many Hollywood actors and so many fascinating things that interest us. Therefore, we have divided the facts in parts. This one is part two of our fun facts series on Hollywood actors.


Now that’s one more reason to like Cumberbatch even more.



After all, what can we expect more from an ex-student of Hogwarts?



Okay, this one cracked us up. We can expect this from Reynolds after all.



How many of us knew this?



Now that makes him a cool guy. Literally!



LOL! The world certainly has infinite possibilities.



This is ironic. But we love Mr. Bean!



Leonardo’s mother chose the apt name for her son.



From Krishna to Ben, that’s quite a transition.



Who knew this side of his story…



Now this reminds us of the protagonist in underdog films.



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