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The Best In The Lot
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TBH, we can never compile facts on our favorite Hollywood actors in one go. After all, there are so many Hollywood actors and so many fascinating things that interest us. Therefore, we have divided the facts in parts. This one is Part 3 of our fun facts series on Hollywood actors.


Guess he waited for the right role to tone his muscles.



We must say, the author has a good eye for casting.



Started from the bottom, and now Jackie is an international star!



This makes us imagine how Pink Panther would be with Robin, Chris and Jim playing the role of the Inspector.  



Now, we don’t know if this is a good thing or not.



OMG! WE don’t know who the lucky ladies were. *Wink wink* wink



Okay, this was totally not expected.



We are sure that Vin doesn’t regret his deed.



Okay that’s sad, but we love Emma and her voice.



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