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Call It Creative Thinking!

There are times when certain scenes in films are perfectly well choreographed. The actors are told what to do, how to express and what lines to speak. That is what makes the scene perfect. But, there are times when some accidental scenes too work seamlessly in tandem with the script and the makers decide to include these impromptu scenes in the film. Take a look at a few such scenes which we marvel on. And mind you, these scenes have become iconic!


1.Pretty Woman

The scene where Richard Gere pretends to close the necklace case with Julia Robert’s hand still inside it was totally impromptu… And it certainly is a scene etched in our memories. It is said that the director of the film, Garry Marshall purposely asked Richard to snap the box, as Julia would sometimes be sleepy on shoot after a night of partying. Wow, that’s quite a way to wake up, isn’t it? 



2.The Dark Knight

The Joker’s clap scene was an impromptu one. According to the script, everyone in the police station had to clap, but, Heath Ledger too started clapping. After watching the shot, the director, Christopher Nolan decided to keep it in the final edit.



3.Casino Royale

What’s really interesting is that according to the director’s script, Daniel Craig had to swim till the end of the shot, but when his foot got stuck under a rock, he had to walk the last few steps out of the water. Now that indeed became iconic and we can’t imagine it any other way!


4.The Fight Club

When Brad Pitt was punched in the face, he probably wasn’t aware what was coming from him. The director of the film, David Fincher told Edward Norton to make this an impromptu scene. It was well planned by the director, but the actors weren’t aware of it. Imagine the shock Brad must have received.



5.The Foxcatchers

In a particular scene where Channing Tatum had to punch into the mirror, he ended up smashing his head against the mirror. The blood that can be seen dripping from his forehead is real! Seriously, that’s what dedication looks like. The director obviously loved the shot and added it to the film.



6.Midnight Cowboys

In the film, Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight were shooting in real time traffic. When they were crossing the road, the taxi didn’t stop for them and that’s how the iconic line, “I’m walking here” was used! The reactions are totally natural and superb.



7.Taxi Driver

Even the most iconic line uttered by Robert De Niro in the film Taxi Driver was an impromptu decision. According to the script, a vague description was given, such as "Bickle speaks to himself in the mirror." The line, “You talkin’ to me?” was the masterstroke of Robert and look how popular it became!




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