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Take A Bow!

Every house as a master chef – that is our Mother! :P But on a serious note, our Bollywood celebs are no less. Granted their schedules don’t allow them to be at home too often, but whenever they get time, they become homemakers like us. Here are a few actors who are exceptional cooks as well!


1.Akshay Kumar

By now everyone would be aware that Akshay used to work in a restaurant in Bangkok before becoming an actor. There’s no doubt that just like him, the food he cooks would be amazing as well! In fact, by his own admission, he loves cooking for his wife, Twinkle Khanna. Now isn’t he just the perfect husband material?



2.Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa enjoys a nice meal, but she also cooks up a storm in her kitchen. She’s a fab cook and often cooks yummy dishes for her family. It’s hard to believe that she manages to maintain her figure in spite of being the kind of foodie that she is!



3.Kangana Ranaut

Contrary to popular belief, Kangana Ranaut is quite homely when it comes to cooking and she certainly cooks for her family when they visit her in Mumbai.




4.Ajay Devgn

Yes this is true. Ajay Devgn can cook! Reportedly, Ajay learned the skill of cooking from his father and he finds the art a stress buster for himself. He also loves experimenting with traditional and modern dishes to form a new indo-western dish! 



5.Deepika Padukone

Oh yes, she can beat you pink and blue with her strength, and she can also feed you a mean amount! Reportedly, it is because of her mother that she is a good cook.



6.Abhishek Bachchan

A rather unknown fact about Junior Bachchan is that he is a great cook! He loves to cook and his speciality is Chicken Curry! Now, isn’t that amazing?


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