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Makes You Feel All The Feels

Every year during Diwali we see brands promoting their products. While most of the advertisements that we see are about discounts and sale, there are ads that take a different route and affect us emotionally.

Such ads are few, but they have always stayed in our hearts. Now that Diwali is nearby, let’s take a second look at them and the messages that they give.


This ad that showed us that you don’t need to buy patakas to have fun.



This ad that makes us believe that Diwali is a festival for everyone, irrespective of their religion.



And this ad reminds us that we often forget what’s important to us - family.



Now this should be tried at own risk, but the message this ad gives off is beautiful. After all, don’t you think this Diwali there should be light and happiness everywhere?



Sometimes it’s never too late to apologize and spread the goodwill of Diwali.



This sweet ad that reminds us to take care of our furry friends.



Sometimes all you need is a big heart to make someone’s Diwali special. Gender equality FTW!



The only reason this ad stands out is because it promotes refurbished goods. Isn’t this the change we need considering that if everyone buys brand new stuff then the eco wastage is bound to be more?


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