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They All Look Fabulous

‘What to wear, what not to wear’ has been one of the trickiest questions of our life. But guess what, our Hollywood celebs do not need to go through this process, because they have a clear idea of what they want. Perhaps, that’s why they look like a million bucks, no matter what they wear. So to make you look gorgeous just like them, I’ll collate some of the best looks of Hollywood actors every week. This will help you get inspired while letting you keep an eye on current trends.


This white short dress worn by Eva Longoria is the perfect summer dress. Be it a casual outing with family or a super hangout plan with your friends, this dress works for both occasions.



This quirky black skirt and t-shirt worn by Olivia Munn is exactly what we want to own! This is so different than normal.



Reese Witherspoon looks splendid in this bright yellow dress. What we totally love about this ensemble is the work that’s been done on the one piece dress. It’s heavy, yet not overpowering her personality.




Jennifer Lawrence decided to adorn this greyish evening gown and she totally looks royal carrying it off with aplomb. Don’t you think so?





Kirsten Dunst looks pretty in this light pink polka dot evening gown. This makes us believe that she’s not really that different from us, is she? We love polka dots and she does too!




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