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S.S. Rajamouli has become a familiar name amongst cinegoers. His latest epic Baahubali 2 being one-of-a-kind periodic drama, has generated so much buzz that our attention goes straight to the mastermind behind it. 


S.S. Rajamouli's simple looks fail to camouflage his accomplishments, which once you have heard you just can't stop praising him. The man has been giving blockbuster hits since his debut film “ Student No. 1 (Telugu). His films Eega (Makkhi), Vikramarkudu (Rowdy Rathore) and Maryada Ramanna (Son of Sardaar) have all been remade in Hindi and have been well-received by the audience. Yet the man doesn't talk much about his accomplishments.


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Rajamouli is a far-sighted man. He likes to give one big hit at a time. In fact, he had planned that his next film would be Maryada Ramanna even before finishing the shooting of Magadheera. As Magadheera was an exhausting film, he thought this one would give him the much needed time to charge up for Eega.




Fascinatingly, Eega (makkhi) was a bedtime story that Rajamouli heard from his dad as a kid. The story remained in his subconscious mind and years later, he made a movie out of it.


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Eega is also special to him as he found his first best friend in real life and that is "Sai Korrapati" the producer of Eega (Makkhi). Before Sai, he didn't really have any such special friendship from his childhood. Not many know that Rajamouli is also a screenwriter. He has written screenplays for most of his films that includes Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna, Mudra, Simhadri, Sye, Vikramarkudu and now Baahubali. His film Makkhi (Eega) would not have been a hit, if there were loopholes in the plot. The director is a master when it comes to thematic elements. He plays with human imagination, mythology and most importantly the emotions of mankind. The characters in his movies remind us of David and Goliath.


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Not only that, he makes films mostly for masses and explores terrains that have not been covered before. For example, Makkhi and Magadheera were enjoyed by the masses for the simplicity of the dialogues and its crisp narration. It is a known fact that Rajamouli spends a lot of time to complete his projects. While the director himself doesn't know the reason behind it, he says that it satisfies him that the end product is always worth the time he invested.


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Openness and transparency is another thing you can expect from this director. In a candid interview the director spoke about his better half Rama who was a divorcee with a kid. The director added that Rama being a divorcee was not the reason or a restraint for him to propose her.




His following statement from an interview also needs special attention as it changed Rajamouli's nature of being a reserved person : "For the first time, I openly laughed and wept during a film. I was very reserved about my emotions earlier. Karan Arjun opened up my emotions.".


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Rajamouli is an active user on the social media platform through which he connects with his fans. Both his accounts on Facebook and Twitter are verified and have about 5 million and 3.63 million followers respectively.


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Many assume that Rajamouli being an ace director must have completed his graduation. But in reality, he's a high school dropout with an intermediate degree. Not getting a degree has not really affected his filmmaking skills.




In short, Rajamouli is a child at heart who loves playing with cinema. His passion for films is what makes his films unique and entertaining.

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