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Relive Old Memories

Remember Hum Paanch which aired on television in the 1990’s? Of course you do! It was the only serial, produced by Ekta Kapoor that we youngsters loved for its hilarious story line in every episode! It was one of the most memorable shows on television then. Want to know what the cast of the serial are doing today? Well, find out below:


1.The head of the family - Anand Mathur: Played by Ashok Saraf, the character of a father who has 5 daughters and 2 wifes – one ex dead wife who can communicate only with him through her photo that’s hung on the wall, and his second wife who he lives with! The character went through ups and downs every single day and his hilarious takes on his problems made us learn how to laugh at our problems too! After having played numerous other roles in Indian television, Hindi and Marathi cinema, today, Ashok is a highly appreciated actor in Marathi cinema.



2.The first wife - Priya Tendulkar: Strangely enough, her name was never sort of revealed to the audience but her comic timing matched perfectly well with that of Ashok’s. And who can forget her constant nagging? However in 2002, following her struggle with breast cancer, Priya died of a heart attack.




3.The second wife – Bina Mathur: Played by Shoma Anand, this role was perhaps the most confused one in the house. Sandwiched between her husband and her crazy daughters, she bore the brunt of all the problems created by her daughters. Post Hum Paanch, Shoma moved on to other television serials and even a few small roles in Bollywood films. Currently, she is working as Emperor Akbar’s caretaker Maham Anga, in BIG Magic’s Hazir Jawab Birbal.



4.The eldest daughter – Meenakshi Mathur, the feminist: Vandana Pathak played this role with utmost confidence. Her character was probably the first one to popularize the concept of feminism. The most iconic thing about her character was the belan that she carried around with her, for supporting women all over. Post this serial, Vandana went on to work in Hindi serials and Gujarati and Bollywood films. Currently, she can be seen in a dramatic role in the serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya on Star Plus.



5.The second eldest daughter - Radhika Mathur, the nerd: Radhika’s character was stereotypical, with her being nerdy with huge spectacles, geeky and having a hearing problem. More often than not, her bumping into walls and people, and hearing problems made for a fun watch. Initially, this role was performed by Amita Nangia, who moved on to Bollywood films and other television serials. Later, the role was performed by our very own Vidya Balan. Currently, Balan is working on Te3n with Sujoy Ghosh.




6.The third daughter - Sweety Mathur, the crazy one: This character was my favourite. Played by Rakhi Vijan, Sweety was a fun loving girl and slightly crack. She had inappropriate reactions to most things. Her unique song and dance routine while answering the doorbell, every single time was very entertaining. Presently, Rakhi is working on television serial Gangaa on &TV.



7.The fourth daughter – Kajal Mathur a.k.a Kajal Bhai: Bhairavi Raichura perfectly performed her role, that of a tom-boyish girl! Her diction, her body language, her clothes and even her style was a rage in those days. After this role, Bhairavi came to notice with another role that she did of a traditional housewife in Balika Vadhu! She has now also turned into a television producer and produces serials like Laut Aao Trisha. She owns the production house 24 Frames.


8.The fifth and the youngest daughter – Chhoti Mathur, the kiddo: Priyanka Mehra played this role as a child actress. Being the character must have been interesting for her, as Chhoti was much more interested in gossiping instead of studying. Her stories and the subsequent trouble they brought were typically amusing to watch. She later worked for Seventeen magazine and is into production these days.



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