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Put That Stalking Cap On!

Our mundane lifestyle has led us to a cave of boredom and it seems that there is no way out. But, not in the case of our beloved Hollywood celebrities! While most of us choose to lie on our beds during our free time or weekends, these celebs are busy enjoying life and making the most out of it. So in case you are looking for motivation and positivity in life, this weekly article is something that you need to start following.

This is what our favorite Hollywood celebrities did this week:


1. Amanda Seyfried decided to go paddling and we totally envy her. The view, the art of paddling and the awesome company sure would have been fun.



2. Vanessa Hudgens has been dressing up to look creepy and here she introduces us to her creepy family! cheeky



3. Scott Eastwood had a swell time fishing and he did catch some big ones!



4. The Rock got hurt on the sets of a film and when the doctor administered his cut, instead of being worried he asked for a tequila flavored lollipop. Trust him to be quirky and he shows you how quirky he can be! cheeky



5. Salma Hayek had a field day as she decided to ‘spank’ the Oscars. Yeah, we really mean that! Check it out below.


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